Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Back Cover Copy

I just got the back cover copy from my editor... exciting!

Holy Crocodile! back cover

Imagine riding across a dangerous river on the back of a friendly crocodile! 

Or making friends with a whole pile of snakes. Or going into hiding with the help of some spiders! 

These are not your everyday saint stories! God used both wild and tame animals to help saints when they needed it most. Here are just a few you’ll find in Holy Crocodile!

St. Pachome and the friendly crocodile
• St. Colman and the alarming mouse
• St. Brigid and the amazing fox
• St. Cuthbert and the lifesaving sea otters
• And many more!

Told in beautiful illustrations and charming narratives by mixed-media artist Caroline Cory, these stories will delight and inspire young and old alike.

The above text should run somewhere over the body of the croc... this image runs around the book cover.

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