Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bee Inspired!

On the wall of my studio is a pastel drawing by my friend, Francesca. It combines a quote from St. Ambrose with images of bees. Ambrose is another saint who had a bee encounter. As an infant, bees supposedly swarmed in and out of his mouth without stinging him. People took this as a good sign -- that he would have a honeyed tongue and be a great talker... which came true. He became archbishop of Milan and had the guts to threaten the Roman emperor, Theodosius, with excommunication after a massacre. Theodosius was forced to do months of public penance before Ambrose readmitted him to the Eucharist.

The words on the drawing read (capitalized as in the art):
QUANTUM PHYSICS: "it is Not possible to predict the OUTCOME of aNY situatioN."
"god is the author of NatuRe; NatuRe CaN be chaNged." AMBrOSe

When it came time to draw the bees for St. Modomnoc's story in Holy Crocodile, all I had to do was look to the left of my drawing table for inspiration.


  1. Friends! Don't you just love 'em?

  2. This artist's sources series is GREAT!

    Did you know you can post the images bigger?
    (Click on the image when you've uploaded it to the composition box for a choice of sizes. I usually choose extra-large.)

  3. I'd love to use your young artist's pastel drawing of bees/St. Ambrose in a blog post at May I? And I'd also love to give your Francesca credit for her work.

    1. Happy to give you permission to use the bee art and please do credit Francesca (first name only). Thanks!