Monday, April 1, 2013

Taming Foxes

In the story of St. Brigid and the Fox, there are two semi-tame foxes -- one is the king's pet, who is killed by a woodsman. The other is St. Brigid's fox. Only recently had I heard about a Russian experiment to domesticate foxes. As it turns out, the project has been highly successful and within only a few generations, they have created foxes who behave much like dogs. (Of course, this gives insight into the domestication of dogs too.) Read an overview about fox taming by clicking here:

The above bronze sculpture (which I did years ago) shows a fox jumping through a hoop made out of St. Brigid's skirt.

You can easily see the influence of the sculpture on the second St. Brigid drawing from Holy Crocodile!

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  1. I love your sculpture! Even more than the wonderful painting!