Saturday, September 29, 2012

More fun with art!

When I was scanning my artwork (for my records, not the publisher), I had to stitch together two scans because my scanner bed was too small to do the whole image at once. In the process of playing around with the scans I discovered I could turn them into cool little distorted panoramic movies. I could hold my cursor over them and they would spin over the connected pages. Unfortunately, despite them being in Quicktime format, they don't want to load on this site. I think they are so much fun that I will be posting screen caps from them from time to time. 

The white space you'll see in the drawings is where the text goes. Above is an example of the distorted panoramic image. And below you can see what the original drawing really looks like. This is St. Felix who is being hidden from Roman soldiers by spiders. The distorted one may be way cooler now but, once the text is added, the image down below is going to rock too.

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